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Design delivers overview

Convincing reporting builds trust


How important are engaging reports to your business?

Reports are an important tool for any business: They ensure trust among customers, business partners and institutions. Theses are supported and relevant information is conveyed with the help of meaningful illustrations. Diagrams help to depict and illustrate trends and figures. Professional reports are important argumentation bases so they should be carefully structured and prepared with good design.

What do professional whitepapers do?

  • Illustrate factual situations, forecasts, trends
  • Build trust with business partners and customers
  • Clarify milestones and investments
  • Show complex relationships at a glance with the help of diagrams and infographics

Crystal clear: Whitepapers from Slidepress

We at slidepress are happy to take over the creation of professional white papers for your company. Our design experts have many years of experience in conveying complex issues, diverse amounts of data and processes. With the help of diagrams and infographics, we create an overview at a glance. A well thought-out design ensures structure and a clear structure of all important information, theses and forecasts. We are happy to adapt everything to the corporate design (CD) and corporate identity (CI) of your company.

  • Experienced with the presentation of numbers, data sets, complex processes
  • Structured layout of reports with high-quality design, infographics, diagrams
  • Fast implementation and transparent costs
  • Reliable adaptation to CD and CI
  • Our approachable service: Always communicate with your personal contact person
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Of course, we can also help you create professional sales presentations, company and trade show presentations.